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Part 2 – Sinclair Manor

David had said tomorrow, and he stood by it. The next day, as soon as the bell rang after our last class, he picked my shoulder.

“How do you want to do this?” he simply asked.

“Let’s find ourselves a bench outside, we have such good weather today,” I said. He seemed to hesitate, but followed me outside. Continue reading »

Hacking the Internet

HackersThe sun is up and has been slowly but steadily boiling the air in my living room, and yet I have no desire to spend time outside today. Despite the sun it´s cold outside, and the wind bites when it’s cold. So I’ve been spending a lazy Sunday afternoon watching TV. I came across an “old” classic in our movie collection:  Hackers. Fun, fun,fun! I watched it, snickering now and then at the ridiculous things they added to the movie to make the hacking business look more visually entertaining for the non-computerized person, instead of showing just the dry and dark reality that I know hacking was, and is. But as I watched, I had some strange ideas. Continue reading »

The iPad and the Kindle, sitting in a tree …

Apple iPad

About two weeks ago I, like many others, watched with a cautious amount of expectation at the apple keynote, where Steve Jobs introduced the iPad. I even had the patience to watch the whole thing. I generally liked what I saw, but I had a few thoughts that made me start wondering about the possibilities ahead.
Continue reading »

Part 1 – Introduction - 1 comment

“Nicole Chase and David Sinclair!”

I froze in my seat. She had said it, she had really said it. But this was ridiculous. David Sinclair, of all people! How the hell had that happened? Continue reading »

Time passes - 2 comments

Today is my 25th birthday. So I decided to open my web page, finally! Having some specific date to strive for is a good motivation, after all. Continue reading »