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Part 6 – The story of Jolie Dale - 1 comment

Apparently it was a tradition in their home that all four boys took care of the dishes after dinner. They seemed to have their own system to it. One took off the table, one washed, one dried and one put things in their place in the cupboards and drawers. I tried to imagine what Leo had done, but perhaps David hadn’t taken part in it then. They threw dishes and glasses, and knifes, so much around it looked a rather dangerous activity.

Meanwhile, Jo and I sat at the table relaxing and talking. She even offered me a glass of wine, which I accepted. I wanted an excuse not to leave yet, I was having too good of a time. Continue reading »

A noticable 80’s movie

My Best Friend is a VampireI like movies. And TV shows. And books. But this blog is about a movie. I just watched an old movie – a twenty-two year old movie in fact (movies from the 80’s didn’t use to be old movies … but now I guess they are). It’s name is My Best Friend is a Vampire. It’s basically about a teenage boy who gets bitten by a mysterious woman living in an old house, and turns into a vampire. It’s not a scary vampire movie, just a teenage movie. Just because he’s a vampire doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to invite the girl he likes on a date, or hang out with his friend. Continue reading »

Part 5 – My mother

“So, Nikki, Why are you tutoring French?” Jo asked as we were eating dessert, a delicious apple pie with vanilla ice cream.

“Because of Young Miss Dale, mostly,” I said. “Peer aid. It’s a condition for participation.”

“You’re in the Young Miss Dale competition?” Jo asked, sounding rather displeased by it. “I don’t see why a sensible looking girl like you has to do with a competition like that.”

“I’d be flattered if you consider me sensible after only knowing me for an hour, but I get the impression you were referring to me not exactly being good looking, like most of the participants are these days,” I said, careful not to sound insulted, because I wasn’t. Jo cleared her throat. Continue reading »

Part 4 – The Sinclairs

The cottage had a beautiful front garden, though not yet all in bloom. The walls were white and shone in the setting sun. The windows had old shutters on them and the door was an old wooden door, very beautifully crafted. Even the handle seemed to be the original handle, although a little shined. When we stepped inside we came straight into the kitchen. It seemed to be the center of the house, because I could see doors and hallways and stairs everywhere I looked. To the right was a small guest bathroom. Beside it was a door that led into a small but cozy living room. Beside that was a stairway to the second floor. To the left was a long hallway with at least one door leading into some sort of a room. It was closed. Continue reading »