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Part 8 – The Dance

Although the dance was very traditional in many things, clothing was not one of them. Actually, that’s not quite true. There was a big tradition concerning the clothes. You wear whatever you want. If you wanted to dress yourself in an Elizabethan dress, you did. If you wanted to dress yourself in tinfoil, you did. Whatever you could think of was acceptable, apart from being naked. Someone had tried that once. It didn’t go well.

Everybody between the ages of 14 and 16 in the whole town of Dale could go to the dance. It was more popular with the girls, but a lot of the 16 year old boys went with their girlfriends. And then there were the Young Miss Dale participants. If their peer aid buddy was a girl, neither of them had ever any trouble finding a date. It was probably because of the chance to get on TV, but since most of the girls participating these days were very pretty, that could also explain it. Continue reading »