14. February 2010
Here we go...

About this Web Site

litil-eg2This page is written by me, Graceperla. I live in Iceland and I work in the web page buisness, although not the design part. I am very interested in the design part, however, along with a wide variety of other things. I write a lot of stories and I thought I should do something with them. The internet seemed like a good place to put them.

I’m writing in english mostly because I write a lot of my stories in english. Don’t ask me why, it just happened. Some I write in icelandic, and perhaps I will put them in here also.

Whether in english or icelandic, I make spelling and grammar mistakes, but I apreciate corrections in any form.

Although I designed this page myself, I still feel the need to give credit where credit’s due, and all that. These are my benefactors, so to speak. Of course they have no idea they have helped me.



I must start by saying that this site is proudly powered by WordPress.

In case you don’t know, Wordpress is a PHP based, Open Source Content Management System which I recomend for everybody who has a host for their website that supports it. I’m not going into more details, the WordPress web page can help you if you want to know more.

Web Designer Wall

Web Designer Wall

This is a web page run by a guy named Nick La, and I have learned a lot from it. He helped me get started on WordPress and he inspired some of my design. Thanks, Nick!

The Icons

Most of the icons seen on this page come from this place, although I have made a few myself. This is one of those sites that provide tonns and tonns of all sorts of things needed on a web site. I highly recomend it, they have a very wide variety.

Most Popular

The Most Popular plugin I got here. When I am writing this, the link doesn’t seem to be working any more, but I’m putting it in here anyway, in case it starts working again. However, here you can find the plugin on the WordPress plugin page.

Latest Comments Plugin

I got the Latest Comments plugin in my footer from here. I recomend it to everybody with a WordPress page who wants something like this. It is very customisable, which was exactly what I was looking for.