11. April 2010

A noticable 80’s movie

My Best Friend is a VampireI like movies. And TV shows. And books. But this blog is about a movie. I just watched an old movie – a twenty-two year old movie in fact (movies from the 80’s didn’t use to be old movies … but now I guess they are). It’s name is My Best Friend is a Vampire. It’s basically about a teenage boy who gets bitten by a mysterious woman living in an old house, and turns into a vampire. It’s not a scary vampire movie, just a teenage movie. Just because he’s a vampire doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to invite the girl he likes on a date, or hang out with his friend.

What interested me (besides the 80’s fashion) was how unlike the teenage movies I’m used to it was. Almost every teenage movie I’ve seen shows the high school phenomenon in only one light: cliques. The band geeks, the jocks, the cheerleaders, the hot blond popsickestick-skinny popular girls that look like supermodels, the bad boys, the nerds, and I could go on. But this movie didn’t show any of that. It showed something that seemed more natural to me. Corridors filled with all kinds of different people, not separated into herds, but simply blending together, going about their day. Friends were with friends, but they didn’t belong in any obvious “group”. In fact, a band geek girl was friends with a hot brunet girl, a slim and geeky guy was friends with a butch and lady-loving guy. There was a little bit of stereo types. The lady-loving guy could be called one. The band geek girl perhaps. But his geeky friend wasn’t geeky because he wore glasses and liked math. He was geeky simply because he was called geeky in the movie. He loved his parents and he seemed to have nothing against going to school. But he was still a teenage boy. He liked being in a fast-driving car, he wasn’t too nervous to invite the girl he liked out. It was refreshing to see something like that in a movie. Not just stereotypes, but actual persons with actual personalities. Distinct personalities. Like they were actually real people. I find modern teenage movies lacking on this particular point.

I should watch more movies from the 80’s. I’ve even heard that the 80’s fashion is coming back (although the shoulder-pads kinda scare me).

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