14. February 2010

Time passes - 2 comments

Today is my 25th birthday. So I decided to open my web page, finally! Having some specific date to strive for is a good motivation, after all.

So … 25 years. Wow, that seems like a lot of years. But I’m not feeling any urge to panic and change my life, which I suppose is a good sign. In fact, I feel like my life’s just getting started now. I recently started my first full-time job, my other half and I are planning on buying some sort of a home in the near future, I’m generally in good health, although I should probably exercise a bit more, and I’ve finished a bachelor degree in electronic- and computer engeneering. As I write this, I find myself thinking “wow, this doesn’t sound so bad now, does it!”.

And yet … time passes.

That’s the only thing that bothers me. Time seems to be passing much too fast all of a sudden. For the first time in my life, every day has the exact same routine, which makes them all blurr and meld together. When I was in school, I longed for a time when everything would stay constant. Now I find myself missing the variety.

When I was younger and school started to become harder, with long, long very long weeks of tests and final projects, I started to panic. Time didn’t seem to pass. I looked forward to the day when there were no tests or projects, just freedom to do what I wanted. I came up with two words that I used to calm myself.

Time passes.

Basicly what I meant to tell myself was that those few days of hard time would pass, eventually. It worked rather well. I survived all the hard times.

And now … time passes.

Suddenly those two words have stopped alleviating my panic and started causing it.

The thing is, my lifelong dream is to be a writer. And I’m not a writer. I write a lot, but nobody’s reading it.

Which is why I wanted to open this web page in the first place. I feel the need to publish my work in some form, and this is the only option I have at the moment.

I suppose I haven’t tried hard enough. I probably lack confidence. I realise almost once a month that there are so many things about writing a good story that I still haven’t got the hang of.

Practice makes perfect, so I’m not stopping, and in the meantime, whoever wants to can read my work right here.

As … time passes.

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2 thoughts, but there's room for more

  1. Erna :) says:

    Vá Anna mín, þú átt sko eftir að verða rosalegur rithöfundur! bíð spennt eftir næsta pistli ;)
    Kveðja, Erna

  2. Tengdamamma ;) says:

    Mikið er þetta flott hjá þér!!
    þú ert svo hæfileikarík á mörgum sviðum, svo gerðu það sem þér langar að gera og ekki geyma það ofan í skúffu!!!!!!!!
    Kveðja Ásdís

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