This is my blog. I write about me, what I’m doing, what I like or dislike, what I feel, and generally about myself. Basically me, me, me, me, me!

A noticable 80’s movie

My Best Friend is a VampireI like movies. And TV shows. And books. But this blog is about a movie. I just watched an old movie – a twenty-two year old movie in fact (movies from the 80’s didn’t use to be old movies … but now I guess they are). It’s name is My Best Friend is a Vampire. It’s basically about a teenage boy who gets bitten by a mysterious woman living in an old house, and turns into a vampire. It’s not a scary vampire movie, just a teenage movie. Just because he’s a vampire doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to invite the girl he likes on a date, or hang out with his friend. Continue reading »

The iPad and the Kindle, sitting in a tree …

Apple iPad

About two weeks ago I, like many others, watched with a cautious amount of expectation at the apple keynote, where Steve Jobs introduced the iPad. I even had the patience to watch the whole thing. I generally liked what I saw, but I had a few thoughts that made me start wondering about the possibilities ahead.
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Time passes - 2 comments

Today is my 25th birthday. So I decided to open my web page, finally! Having some specific date to strive for is a good motivation, after all. Continue reading »