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Part 3 – Trish Chang

It was certainly no barn. It was big, but still looked like it was crammed. There was a big pit in the ground in the middle of the floor, and above it was a well greased car lift. It was in its highest position, and on it stood a rusty, old pickup truck. It was acid green and very dirty. The hood was missing. On either side of the lift were piles of tires, rags and oil cans, and a lot of other cans that I didn’t know. There were tables up against every wall, full of wrenches, screws, nuts, nails and hammers of all kinds and sizes, welding torches, spray cans and paint brushes. Behind the lift was an old wooden stair that lay up to a platform full of more tires. Continue reading »

Part 2 – Sinclair Manor

David had said tomorrow, and he stood by it. The next day, as soon as the bell rang after our last class, he picked my shoulder.

“How do you want to do this?” he simply asked.

“Let’s find ourselves a bench outside, we have such good weather today,” I said. He seemed to hesitate, but followed me outside. Continue reading »

Part 1 – Introduction - 1 comment

“Nicole Chase and David Sinclair!”

I froze in my seat. She had said it, she had really said it. But this was ridiculous. David Sinclair, of all people! How the hell had that happened? Continue reading »